one question regarding your include PRD_INCL_EEW_PS. It is registered for business context PRODUCT, which means once extension field is created in “Custom Fields” Fiori application, all database table which have this include will see the extension as well.

Then question comes to my mind: after I maintain value for extension field and save the change,

Will the value of extension field be persisted to all those database tables?

I made a test by myself.
As first step, I list all 18 database tables which have included PRD_INCL_EEW_PS.
Then I type “1.7” as extension field value and save the change, and go to each table to check whether the value are there via SE16. The test result is listed below.

My question:

  1. take table PRD_PROC and PRD_SALE for example, since semantically speaking they are not responsible to store product header level data but for sub node ( procurement and sales data ? ), why they still include the structure PRD_INCL_EEW_PS?
  2. Among these 18 tables, some are really confusing. For example PRD_SALES and PROD_SALES. May I know the difference between them?

# answer The include PRD_INCL_EEW_PS is for all tables which contain data from table MARA. In the new Product BO model, we have separated the MARA fields in different BO nodes based on their semantic, as an example please see the active core entities I_Product and I_ProductSales:

Both CDS views select the data from active core table MARA but have a different field list. In the BOPF BO you will find the corresponding BO nodes I_PRODUCTWD (root node) and I_PRODUCTSALESWD (sales node). Here you will see in which draft database tables these data will be stored (PROD_ROOT & PROD_SALES). After activating a draft BO instance, these draft data will be merged in one single MARA entry. And due to this we have decided to use for all MARA relevant BO nodes (CDS views) the same include structure.

Such a field separation for table MARA & MARC is done for several BO nodes, the corresponding draft database tables are listed in your list. Due to a major change in the draft infrastructure, it was necessary to create complete new draft tables, that’s the reason why you found most tables twice, as example see PRD_ROOT & PROD_ROOT or PRD_SALES & PROD_SALES. The tables with the prefix PRD_ are obsolete meanwhile and will be deleted.



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